Jeehye Jay Kim is from South Korea, she spend most of my life in South Korea till get her high school diploma. After that, She got BFA degree in School of the Art Institute Chicago, focused on Fashion Design, In 2014 May. 

 Kim's major is Fashion Design, but during her college-year she explored many different Art genre. Such as Performing Art and photography. Rather than being limited in one specific major, she considered herself as a filter for art making.
Her esthetic for fashion is not focused on only wearable garment itself but more conceptual art form on the body. 

Her main inspiration and subject is the perspective of Women. In the beginning, she started this conversation about her-self in various art form. Now it's expanded into psychological reaction, social issue and any stories from and about women. 

The most recent collection, Stockholm Syndrome is talking about psychological reaction from Women, who is kidnapped for 18 years.  For this story, she explored conceptual and extreme hand-worked fabric manipulation, embroidery, deconstruction, complicate draping and asymmetrical construction. 

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